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Nous sommes l’équipe Wilson — expert en courtage hypothécaire. Nous répondons aux besoins des propriétaires de la région d’Ottawa et des régions avoisinantes. Comme courtiers pour Invis, l’une des plus grandes firmes de courtage hypothécaire au Canada, nous pouvons vous aider avec tous vos besoins pour l’achat ou le refinancement d’une propriété, peu importe votre situation. Que vous soyez travailleurs autonomes ou à temps partiel, nouveaux arrivants au Canada, nous pouvons vous aider avec l’achat d’une propriété déjà établie ou d’une nouvelle propriété érigée par un constructeur ; ou encore pour l’achat d’une propriété à louer. Nous pouvons aussi vous offrir nos services pour les renouvellements hypothécaires, les refinancements, l’accès au capital de la maison, ou la consolidation de la dette. Nous offrons des taux variables ou des taux fixes, une remise en argent, etc. La liste continue, en outre nous pouvons répondre à tous vos besoins hypothécaires.

Pourquoi choisir un courtier hypothécaire ? C’est simple, les courtiers en hypothèques ont reçu une formation et ils ont l’expertise pour non seulement vous aider à prendre une décision éclairée au sujet de votre prêt hypothécaire, mais aussi pour vous renseigner sur vos choix. Pourquoi l’équipe Wilson ? Parce que nous allons travailler sans relâche avec vous et en votre nom pour vous obtenir le meilleur produit hypothécaire au taux le plus compétitif. Nous avons accès à une gamme de produits hypothécaires de plus de 50 prêteurs respectés. Nous allons sélectionner avec soin le produit qui répond le mieux à vos besoins. Nous allons négocier le meilleur taux possible pour chaque situation. Nous allons aussi vous renseigner sur les produits afin de voir au-delà des taux ce qui pourrait vous faire économiser des milliers de dollars sur la durée de votre prêt hypothécaire.

L’équipe de conseillers hypothécaires Wilson a obtenu un succès remarquable en mettant leurs clients en première place. Nous avons gagné la confiance de chacun de nos clients et notre entreprise n’a cessé de croître à partir de références et du retour de nos clients. Laissez-nous gagner votre confiance en vous offrant une stratégie hypothécaire qui vous aidera à atteindre vos objectifs financiers et qui vous permettra d’atteindre vos buts pour l’achat d’une propriété.


La meilleure carte de crédit en espèces au Canada pour les propriétaires!

Invis Collabria Cash Back Mastercard®

Conçu spécifiquement pour les propriétaires comme vous! Vous obtenez:

  • Un incroyable 5% de remboursement sur tout ce que vous achetez dans les magasins d’amélioration de la maison1 (pour les 100 premiers jours)
  • 2% de remboursement sur les courses
  • 1% sur tous les autres achats1
  • Pas de frais annuels
  • Vous êtes également pré-qualifié avec votre prêt hypothécaire (oac)


C’est la meilleure carte de retour en espèces au Canada pour les propriétaires!

Cliquez ici pour consulter notre gamme complète de cartes de crédit Mastercard® – la carte la plus acceptée au Canada!


L’admissibilité aux récompenses et / ou au crédit du compte est soumise aux termes et conditions du programme Collabria Cash Rewards. Pour les termes et conditions cliquez ici. Le remboursement en espèces en pourcentage est uniquement à titre d’illustration. Le programme Collabria Cash Rewards repose sur des points et les points peuvent être échangés pour $ .01 par point en tant que crédit de compte. L’offre promotionnelle de 5% de remboursement ou 5 points de fidélité bonus par 1 $ dépensés pour les achats d’amélioration de la maison s’applique à tous les achats qualifiés réalisés au cours des 100 premiers jours après l’ouverture du compte. Une fois que 25 000 points de récompense bonus sont gagnés dans le cadre de cette offre promotionnelle, votre taux de rémunération sera repris dans le programme standard.


La Collabria Mastercard est émise par Collabria Financial Services Inc. conformément à une licence de Mastercard International Incorporated. Mastercard et la marque de marque Mastercard sont des marques déposées de Mastercard International Incorporated.


What Our Clients Are Saying

  • The Invis Wilson Team Mortgage Experts have gone above and beyond to find the most suitable mortgage for my needs. Their incomparable rates, expertise, friendly and prompt service made it easy and hassle free to process my mortgage. Knowing that they could get the best rates and great service overall, I asked them to find me another mortgage for a subsequent home purchases.

    - Faisal G,
    The Wilson Team Google Review
  • Kelly and her team is awesome. My husband and I felt like we were their most important client. Kelly was very professional and prompt in responding to all our questions or concerns and provided us with sound, honest advice based on her expertise and knowledge. The process of renewing our mortgage with the Wilson Team was a positive experience because we were connected to all the right people and received the best mortgage rate. Thanks Kelly and Team!

    - E R Mills,
    The Wilson Team Google Review
  • As a nervous First Time Home Buyer Kelly put me at ease. From my first interaction with Kelly I knew I was in good hands. I started out by e-mailing her as with any first time buyer I had a million questions. Kelly answered all of them promptly with her usual positive, enthusiastic and energetic responses. I decided to call her one night around 630 as I wasn't understanding something. I assumed her office would be closed so I could leave a message. To my amazement she picked up, who works after 5? I wasn't aware that the number on her e-mail is her cell and that she is ALWAYS available to help. I apologized for interrupting her after work and she responded, " No problem at all, just cleaning up after dinner. What's on your mind?". This conversation lasted almost two and a half hours as she explained the home buying process and the differences between mortgages...etc.

    Long story short, Kelly and the Wilson team made buying a home a very pleasurable and memorable experience for a first time home buyer. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone! Their exceptional Customer Service is second to none. Their honesty, hard work, dedication to my needs/interests and sound knowledge of the industry will keep people like me coming back. Not to mention..... they got me the best rate I could find!

    Kelly, you and your team rock. Keep up the great work!

    Adam & Ash

    - Adam Whitehorne,
    The Wilson Team Google Review
  • Kelly and the entire Wilson Team have gone above and beyond to find the most suitable mortgage for my needs. Their incomparable rates, expertise, friendly and prompt service made it easy and hassle free to process my mortgage. I would be more than happy to use Kelly excellent service again and will gladly refer my friends and family over to her.

    - V Stephen,
    The Wilson Team Google Review
  • The Invis Wilsonteam was very professional,especially Kelly.She was able to get me a mortgage and the best rate when my family needed it.I'll recomend anybody to work with this mortgage broker.
    Thanks Kelly!!

    - Lester Sio,
    The Wilson Team Google Review
  • We were referred to the Wilson Team by a friend when we were not happy with our current mortgage rates and the services offered. After the initial contact and the exchange of information, we promptly received much better offers, including a calculation showing us how we would benefit even by incurring penalties for ending our current mortgage. If you do engage with the Wilson Team you can expect prompt communication, a high level of professionalism, custom-tailored solution and equally important, an ongoing resource even after everything is said and done. We will absolutely be contacting the Wilson Team for any of our mortgage needs in the future.

    - Kasper Baunbech,
    The Wilson Team Google Review
  • We have worked with Kelly on purchasing 2 homes and renting another. We LOVE working with her. She's knowledgeable, honest, and hard working. Always available to answer questions with detailed explanations and with an appropriate sense of urgency. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her.

    - Kerry Chatburn,
    The Wilson Team Google Review
  • Kelly worked with me to get my first mortgage approval last fall. Without her straight forward and honest approach, we may not have been as successful! I know she went the extra mile, and made me feel comfortable the whole time. I admired her tenacity and determination to get me the best rate.

    I would recommend her on any level, but especially to any first time home buyer, for ease, extra care and patience. New homeowners are nervous wrecks!

    - Lisa Robinson,
    The Wilson Team Google Review
  • Kelly and Kevin were both VERY patient with us and always answered our questions with kindness! :) They guided us through out the entire process with knowledge and wonderful encouragement. It is so nice to know that there are wonderful people "out there" that still care for others well being. We were very lucky to have you as our advisors!

    - Steve Poirier,
    The Wilson Team Google Review
  • We've been dealing with the Wilson Team for about 15 years now. They make mortgages easy! Proactive, professional and engaged. We always feel fully informed. Joe and Emily Di Paolo

    - Emily Di Paolo,
    The Wilson Team Google Review
  • I have nothing but great things to say about the Wilson Team. It's the second time I've dealt with them. My first mortgage was through Kelly which was easy and fast. She was proactive and concise.

    Second time around we worked with Kevin Mayer. He is super professional and very patient and above all he can really break down the complicated terms and processes. It was an absolute amazing experience working with him. Kevin your great at your Job and we thank you for all your help. I know this time around things were much more complicated and you provided us with knowledge and a step by step guide. You exceeded my expectations and will definitely recommend the Wilson team to anyone looking for a mortgage. I would give you 10 Stars if I could. We are truly thankful for all your help. A+ to Kevin

    - Giovanni Barresi,
    The Wilson Team Google Review
  • Kevin from The Wilson Team made the process of getting our mortgage quick, easy, painless and a pleasurable experience! The service and advice provided to us was phenomenal and, above and beyond what we ever expected. When we first contacted you to inquire about a mortgage we had no idea what to expect, you guided us through the whole process and kept on top of things the whole way. We will strongly recommend The Wilson Team to family and friends in the future and, will definitely contact you if we ever need another mortgage. Thank you!

    - Germain Cormier,
    The Wilson Team Google Review
  • The Invis Wilson Team Mortgage Experts have gone above and beyond to find the most suitable mortgage for my needs. Their incomparable rates, expertise, friendly and prompt service made it easy and hassle free to process my mortgage. Knowing that they could get the best rates and great service overall, I asked them to find me another mortgage for a subsequent home purchase when I moved away from Ottawa.

    - Steve Freeport,
    The Wilson Team Google Review
  • Working with Kelly was great. I was looking for rental properties and she was able to recommend an up-and-coming company that buys entire rental projects, renovates the units and then sells rent-ready properties to investors. In the end, I got a rent-ready townhouse in my price range. Also, I now don’t have to worry about maintaining my rental or finding tenants as the company takes care of that for me. Her advice on rental properties was very beneficial as this was my first rental property. Any time I needed assistance or had questions, she replied right away. The deal got done quickly and efficiently. Thanks for the great contact and all your advice. Jason in Kanata

    - Jason,
    The Wilson Team Google Review
  • Kelly and Laurie Wilson simply provide exceptional service time and time again. Unlike other Mortgage Brokers that I have dealt with in the past who only want to deal with simple transactions for the quick closures, these super women will through perseverance facilitate their clients to get them what they desire.

    They go above and beyond the call of duty to get the client into their home. If it wasn’t because of their diligence I would not be able to own 2 homes simultaneously. I would highly recommend these ladies as they are ready and willing to work hard for their clients’ needs.

    - Client,
    The Wilson Team Google Review
  • Stuck with no where to turn the Wilson team came to our rescue! They were efficient, professional and relentless in finding me the best option. I can’t thank Kelly for her hard work in saving our house that we worked so hard to get. I can’t express enough gratitude to them for all the work they have done for me and my family. You won’t make the wrong decision choosing the Wilson Team!

    - Client,
    The Wilson Team Google Review
  • Simply put, there's no one better! We've gone through 4 mortgages with Kelly Wilson and wouldn't consider going anywhere else. She was amazing in helping us through our very first mortgage so many years ago. When no other bank or broker would give us a chance, Kelly went way above and beyond in securing our first mortgage. She really went out on a limb for us. She made a daunting, stressful application, simple; and she does everything with good humour!

    - Client,
    The Wilson Team Google Review
  • We have had a 10 year relationship with Laurie; if it was not for her we would not have been able to purchase our first home. Laurie made our first home buying experience easier then we could have ever imagined. She was able to answer all our questions and make us feel very comfortable, with the largest personal purchase one could make. We have done numerous deals since that first one and each one was better than the first. As Laurie made us feel comfortable and confident immediately with her knowledge, professionalism and responsiveness with respect to a rental property investment she was able to finance for us. I highly recommend Laurie and hope to have many more years of investing with her…

    - Client,
    The Wilson Team Google Review
  • Kelly got me the best rate for my first mortgage approval 7 years ago. I was so impressed by her quality of work and her speed. She recently got me the best rate for my second mortgage. Her amazing network has helped me to get an amazing real estate agent who sold my condo in two days. She always takes an extra step to give the best to her clients.

    - Client,
    The Wilson Team Google Review
  • Working with Kelly and Laurie Wilson at the Wilson Team is always a pleasure. I send all of our clients to them because they are informed and up to date with the ever changing market. And EVERY client is always so pleased with their service that they can't help but recommend the Wilson Team to their friends, family and neighbours!

    - Client,
    The Wilson Team Google Review
  • Kelly and Laurie Wilson provide quick and reliable service. They treat each customer as though they are the highest priority. We have used them several times and have also recommended them to our friends. Not only do they provide amazing service to their clients, they are also actively involved with the community by supporting different charities and organizations.

    - Client,
    The Wilson Team Google Review
  • Kelly made me feel comfortable and confident immediately with her knowledge, professionalism and responsiveness with respect to a rental property investment. I would definitely use her services again in the future as well as recommend her to friends and colleagues in need of a mortgage.......Andrew in Nepean.

    - Client,
    The Wilson Team Google Review
  • The Wilson Team helped my wife and I to obtain a mortgage at a fantastic rate, and provided us with the information and guidance we needed to make the process smooth and easy. For those seeking a new mortgage I would highly recommend their services.

    - Andrew,
    The Wilson Team Google Review
  • Everything about my interaction with Kelly and her team was professional, courteous, and hassle-free. I highly recommend the Wilson team to anyone looking for help with their mortgage and look forward to working with them again.

    - Client,
    The Wilson Team Google Review
  • Love all the great work and support The Wilson Team gives our clients. The Wilson Team know their products, rates and what suits the individual needs of our clients every time!

    - Client,
    The Wilson Team Google Review
  • Kelly and Laurie always give 100% to my clients. I know when my clients get a mortgage from them, they will get the BEST financing for their needs!

    - Client,
    The Wilson Team Google Review
  • I honestly can't say enough about this team. Any questions or concerns I had about the mortgage process or the financial conditions the buyer put on our house were answered immediately. Our sale was private (Grapevine) so I was expecting to have to do a lot of research and paperwork ourselves. But Kelly always made sure I didn't get stressed out about anything. It was such a relief to be able to sit back and feel COMPLETELY confident that they were handling everything. I've been going to the Wilson Team for my mortgages for almost 10 years now and every time I shop around in advance, but I always come back to them. Bottom line is they offer the lowest rates with the greatest customer service.

    - Client,
    The Wilson Team Google Review
  • I have personally used the services of the Wilson Team twice, and I now send my clients to the Wilson Team. Their service is prompt, professional and reliable. I am confident when my clients go to the Wilson Team they'll be in good hands.

    - Client,
    The Wilson Team Google Review
  • Your team has done a formidable job, very timely too and it isimportant to spread the good work.

    - Client,
    The Wilson Team Google Review
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SO EXCITED for our 5th annual client appreciation event at The Log Cabin Orchard. Make sure to RSVP or let us know if you did not receive your invite! RSVP to customercare@wilsonteam.ca ... See MoreSee Less

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ATTN SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS : Wonderful explanation regarding small business tax changes! Thanking Emily from LWL!

Proposed Tax Changes – An Explanation
Hi folks! I teach full-time at Carleton University (tax being one of the subjects I teach), and to be honest – as I prepared to teach the 2017 tax rules this year, I didn’t pay much attention to the proposed tax changes for 2018. But the seemingly great opposition to them (on this forum and others) finally got me to research what they were all about!
What I learned: yes – the proposed treatments would limit some of the tax advantages incorporated small businesses currently enjoy. But, some of the comments I have read about them made me wonder if everyone had sufficiently understood what is being proposed. I attempt in the below to provide an OBJECTIVE description to help inform. I don't want to start a fight! (fingers crossed!). And sorry – it’s lengthy!
1) Currently, incorporated small businesses are taxed at a fairly low rate on their first $500,000 of business income (~15% total tax with federal and Ontario provincial tax combined). This is NOT changing.
This means that there are still significant tax advantages to being an incorporated small business (if you don’t need the money personally, you can leave the funds inside your company and enjoy some nice tax deferral!).
The intention behind this low tax rate, was to help small businesses have funds to reinvest in their business, and expand.
The disadvantages of the proposed changes begin when you take any “extra” funds sitting in your corporation and make “passive” income (e.g. invest them to earn interest, dividends, etc.). More on this below (#4)!
2) The first change relates to the ability to split the income earned in a small corporation with your family. In the past, to pay anyone a salary/wage from your business, they had to actually WORK in the business and the salary/wage had to be reasonable given what they were actually doing. This is not changing. However, small corporations are still in a position to successfully income split by setting up the share structure so that various family members own shares, and dividends can be paid out to various people, which spreads the income across numerous people, and takes advantage of everyone’s various tax brackets.
This can STILL be done with your spouse/siblings/parents/etc. under the proposed changes – which, by the way, is a MAJOR advantage of incorporating your business. Nobody else in Canada gets to income split in any meaningful way, except senior citizens with pension income/spousal RRSPs.
However, the proposed changes MAY impact your ability to income split with your children (if aged 18-24). Children under the age of 18 were always subject to “Kiddie Tax” on dividends earned from a private corporation (meaning they paid tax at the highest personal tax bracket). This is not changing. It is possible now that children aged 18-24 would also be subject to this if their investment in shares of the business doesn’t represent a true “financial risk” (think – all they need to do is pay $10 to get several preferred shares in the business, and then you can pay them a bunch of dividends – this doesn’t represent true financial risk on their part).
3) One of the major advantages of incorporating your private company relates to its future sale. If you sell the shares in the future, you can likely use your Lifetime Capital Gains Exemption to be exempt from tax on the first ~$835,000 of the capital gain (WOW! And that’s not changing). Much like point 2 above, if you have other people who own shares in the business, they ALSO have the lifetime capital gains exemption, and so when shares are sold, now you are sheltering $835,000 x however many people own shares, worth of capital gains.
The proposed changes suggest that the ability for minors (your children < 18 years old, and potentially those also 18-24 – if their investment doesn’t represent a true financial risk on their part) to use the lifetime capital gains exemption will be limited to value created in the business (i.e. income left in the business) only AFTER they turn 18/24. I.e. they can’t use the LCGE on business value created while they were minors.
4) Enjoying a low rate of tax on “passive” income (investment income, e.g. interest, dividends) inside a small corporation has never been the government’s intention. The current tax rules actually already tax passive income earned in a private corporation at quite a high rate, by imposing ‘refundable taxes’. This means, there is an extra tax on that income inside the corporation, that – once the income is paid out to the individual (and the individual is taxed on it), gets refunded to the corporation. This mechanism prevents tax deferral on passive income.
The inequity the government perceives is that the corporation still has an advantage because the capital which they have to invest in the first place is higher than an individual would have, because the corporation was only taxed at 15% on the business income earned to generate the capital, vs. 40 of 50% that would have been taxed if an individual earned that income (depending on tax bracket). Example: if a corporation earned $100, they would be taxed $15% and have $85 left over to invest with and would therefore be able to generate more interest/dividend income than an individual who earned $100, was taxed at 40%, leaving $60 to invest with. The government is asking for input whether they should increase the amount of refundable taxes, or make some of the current refundable taxes, unrefundable. Maybe you think they should do neither – so by all means, write in!
Thanks for reading this lengthy interpretation! Hope it helped clarify!
... See MoreSee Less

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Review By: Erin
I have always received quick responses with the Wilson Team, and they found us a mortgage that meets our needs.
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Review By: Manon
I have been dealing with Kelly Wilson and her team for my last 3 mortgage renewals. Kelly understands my mortage needs and always meets the criteria. She and her staff are patient, hard-working and provide good customer service, helping you navigate through the whole process. I would not hesitate to recommend them to any of my friends and colleagues.
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Kelly Wilson - The Wilson Team
Way to go Kelly and the Wilson Team! We're positively thrilled to have been recognized as the Top Team...
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