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Glenda Barrington

Glenda Barrington
Financial Wellness Consultant

Phone: 613-324-7853
Web Site: Glenda Barrington Consulting

Glenda Barrington is a Financial Wellness Consultant who works with clients who want to learn how to better manage their debts and day to day finances.

After working more than a decade in the financial services industry, and her own personal struggles with debt, Glenda knows that there is a human element to debt that is sometimes forgotten. Glenda treats her clients with respect and compassion and she believes that a solid financial foundation can help people move closer to achieving their financial goals. It may also have a positive effect on their mental and social wellbeing.

No matter what the issue is, if it’s related to finances there is usually a solution. The most common types of issues that Glenda assists her clients with:

  • How to effectively manage their day to day finances
  • Exploring debt repayment, restructuring and relief options
  • Building and repairing credit

Glenda works with the clients to explore strategies for their specific situation to help them get started on their road to financial recovery. She not only educates the client but empowers them by allowing them to play an active role in the process.

Glenda is originally from NL but she has been calling Ottawa “home” since 2000. When she isn’t working, she enjoys spending time with family, friends and her plant “babies”. Her passion for helping others extends to include volunteer work within the community. Glenda also likes to indulge her “creativity” through dance and arts & crafts.


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