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DND Relocation Mortgages



Integrated Relocation Program

A DND mortgage is a residential home mortgage that is provided by a Canadian institutional lender that has been approved for funding placement by the Canadian military.

The actual DND mortgage program is developed and administered by the Canadian Armed Forces and works hand in hand with its funding partners.

Integrated Relocation Packages

Your relocation package consists of three components Core, Custom and Personalized. The Core component covers items that are considered essential for your move such as cost to sell your existing property or dispose of your rental unit, cost of your House Hunting Trip (HHT) etc. The Custom component cover items that enhance your move such as marketing incentives on your existing property to help it sell, bridge financing and costs associated with your extended family. The last component is non essential but attributable to your move such as a Movement Grant, Posting Allowances and others. Below is a description of the components and examples of what the component covers. For complete details of your Integrated Relocation Package click the highlighted text.


Core benefits are essential to a move. All core benefits are funded directly by the Department. A member is not required to use these benefits, however any unused benefits cannot be exchanged or assigned any monetary value to pay for any other benefits or expenses.


Custom benefits enhance a move. Custom funding is based on the factors of type of accommodation, distance traveled and family size. The custom funding formula is used by the member to pay for these custom benefits only and cannot be used for any other type of benefit.


Personalized benefits are non-essential expenses but are attributable to a move. It is within the member’s discretion to use personalized benefits. The personalized funding formula is available for use in three ways:

  • It can pay for any personalized benefits;
  • It can pay for additional custom benefits beyond what can be covered by the custom-funding formula; and
  • Remaining funds can be cashed out and paid directly to the member.


Who Qualifies For A DND Mortgage?

Basically, with few exceptions, any Canadian military personnel who are required to provide their own housing during their service is eligible for a DND mortgage. Because of the wide range of locations and markets that military personnel are required to serve in, and the frequency in which they can be moved or relocated, it was recognized that a need existed to create a military loan program that addressed the needs of armed forces personnel in a manner that created a certain amount of equity and consistency across the board.

This Exclusive DND Mortgage package is available to all employees at:

  • National Defense Headquarters (NDHQ), Ottawa;
  • Land Force (Ottawa);
  • Maritime Command (MARCOM), Ottawa;
  • Canadian Forces Northern Area Headquarters (CFNAHQ), Yellowknife.
  • In British Columbia: 19 Wing Comox; CFB Esquimalt (Maritime Pacific [MARPAC].
  • In Alberta: 4 Wing Cold Lake; CFB Edmonton; CFB Suffield.
  • In Saskatchewan: 15 Wing Moose Jaw.
  • In Manitoba: 17 Wing Winnipeg; CFB Shilo; 1 Canadian Air Division (1 CAD), Winnipeg;
  • In Ontario: 1 Wing/CFB Kingston; CFB Petawawa; 8 Wing Trenton; CFB Leitrim; 16 Wing/CFB Borden; 22 Wing North Bay.
  • In Quebec: 3 Wing Bagotville; BFC Montreal; BFC Valcartier.
  • In New Brunswick: CFB Gagetown.
  • In Nova Scotia: 12 Wing Shearwater; CFB Halifax (Maritime Forces Atlantic [MARLANT], 14 Wing Greenwood.
  • In Newfoundland: 5 Wing Goose Bay; CFS St John’s; 9 Wing Gander.
  • In Northwest Territories: CFS Alert


DND Relocation Mortgage

The Exclusive DND Mortgage Package is available nation-wide to all DND employees. It is a very flexible mortgage that has many unique features potentially making this a preferred mortgage package. Below you will find a description of some of its features and the current discount offers.Though some of the specifics are designed to accommodate promotional transfers or relocations, for those of you that are permanently posted you will find this mortgage package to be worthy of comparison in the hunt for financing. You can still enjoy the discounted rates, the extra discount bonus offer, and the full mortgage strategy services available to all military families, and military employees, that make this a top rated package. The following package description reflects what is currently available at this writing. Relocation packages are in constant review both with DND as well as the lending community. For information on any proposed updates or changes feel free to contact us.

Your CF Appreciation Discount includes:
  • A special DND Bonus Discount: an extra 0.05% off all our fixed term current broker rates for this product! This includes 1 to 5 year fixed rates as well as 7 and 10-year terms.
  • No IRD penalty if DND member is relocated due to promotional transfer (OAC). Interest rate differential (IRD) penalties can end up costing you thousands of dollars out of your pocket. Never lose a promotional transfer due to a large IRD again.
  • Rate holds for 120 days available with your pre-approval, and a 30-day instant rate hold available until you can gather your documentation and begin the application process.
  • Other discount offers may apply, so call or email for additional offerings.


Key benefits of the Exclusive DND Mortgage Package:


  • fully discounted low rates with no need for negotiation.


  • up to 120 day rate holds.


  • fixed rate terms of 1-5, 7, 5 and 10 year variable rate mortgages.


  • monthly, semi-monthly, bi-weekly regular and accelerated, weekly regular and accelerated. The ability to skip-a-payment available once per year as well as when prearranged.


  • open for a pay out at any time subject to conditions of relocation, with a 3-month interest penalty, or in some cases may be completely waived.
  • no Interest differential penalties.
  • 20/20 prepayment privileges.
  • lump sums as little as $100.00 can be applied on any payment date.


  • mortgage is portable, and assumable with approval.
  • this Refinance Program can save you more money on legal fees.
  • online mortgage banking information available.
  • no sliding scale for home purchase.
  • all residential mortgage features apply.


  • standard CMHC/Genworth premiums apply.
  • proof of need to relocate.

As with any mortgage, the product is subject to lender conditions and availability (OAC). If your situation is the exception where the Exclusive DND Mortgage does not meet your needs, We will assist you in finding the best alternative options that will meet your financial goals.

Are The Interest Rates For A DND Mortgage Any Different?

Both fixed and variable interest rates can be secured through a DND mortgage.

Once an applicant is approved through one of the Canadian Military’s lending partners, there is also the potential that the bank or institutional rate offered will be further reduced by the program thus providing a further benefit to those that qualify for the program.

How Do I Get Started Applying For A DND Mortgage?

Even though there can be a considerable amount of paperwork and administration that goes along with a Military relocation loan, the first step is basically the same as it would be for any civilian applicant and that’s to make an application for mortgage financing to one of the approved lenders and get a 120 day rate hold in place. In that way you will be in the best position to maximize the benefits you can receive from the program.

Working with an experienced mortgage broker will help you through the various program requirements as well as the application process to the mortgage lender providing the financing. If you need a DND mortgage or would like more information, give us a call and we’ll make sure you get all your questions answered.
For more information contact The Wilson Team or call 613-695-9250

  • Terms
  • Posted Rates
  • Our Rates
  • Variable Rates
  • 3.95%
  • 2.75%
  • 1 YEAR
  • 4.04%
  • 3.59%
  • 2 YEARS
  • 3.74%
  • 3.29%
  • 3 YEARS
  • 3.89%
  • 3.19%
  • 4 YEARS
  • 3.94%
  • 3.34%
  • 5 YEARS
  • 5.59%
  • 2.94%
  • 7 YEARS
  • 5.80%
  • 3.54%
  • 10 YEARS
  • 6.10%
  • 3.59%

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